Buy Opal Online.

Buy Opal Online.

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Buy opal from the famous 3 mile of Lightning Ridge.

Buy opal online the stone is worth over $27,000.00 and can be resold at $40,000.00 dollars, one reason is that we sell at wholesale prices direct from the mine. But it is the beauty of this piece that makes it appreciate, and there never is two opals identical the same.

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Graham Black opal offers clients free of charge when purchasing stone over $199, jewelers will hand make professional goldsmith design jewelry to suit the gemstone purchased ,clients personal designs excepted, we  include free insurance and postage to your home.

Buy opal from the richest area and the highest quality of all the mining areas in Australian,  great news the large open cut in the middle of the 3 mile is being fenced by the Department which controls all of the leases on the Ridge .

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Buy opal online when the new opal center open’s,$20 million dollar Australian opal center fossil museum underground about 50 meters from my famous open cut mine of Graham Black Opal where the European settlers first discovered the most beautiful and rare pattern , the harlequin pattern this is a spectacular tourist attraction and you can clearly see the profile of the different clay and sandstone types, also all the mining shafts The department has excepted the proposal of a Heritage register list, because of its rare and unique highest quality opals and history.

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I have a lot of experience in Australian gemstone,black stones ,Queensland boulder ,crystal,white stones.      We have worked an open cut mine on the famous original 3 mile field, the mine is adjacent to where one of the largest uncut black opal was found  known internationally as “HALLEY’S COMET” is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.   Opal from Lightning Ridge three mile field have been recognized  of the highest quality . And is the only mine lease, listed on State Heritage Register List as an item of environmental heritage in LEP National Trust of Australia Register.Submission read “Opal More rarely, specimens contain precious opal” and these are surely among the most beautiful natural objects on earth. The opal is of the highest quality, characterized by red/black gems of superlative brilliance, in every conceivable pattern – including harlequin, picture stones and Chinese writing.

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We design jewelry using opals in the design,  you can have all the colors of unique rare and different gemstone from around the world in one jewelry design.


Detecting traces of stones underground prospector is looking for signs of material which has color often forms on it, there are many colors from jet black to black and light black, grey and white. The material producing country can carry opal in three usual locations the roof of the claim in the clay face and sandstone roof which is your best chance of making money . Also you have another chance around the middle of the face you are working and sometimes you will seam running in seams along the floor of the mineral lease. Other signs dog stones which are hard small lumps of sandstone in the clay face which can have material and opal inside mixed around dog stones.

There are many signs you can follow if you are a miner steel ban running through the face, layers of different color clay bands, color being made up of dark orange, light brown’s dark browns and yellow and white. You are also looking for fault lines large slides and faults running through the profile of the face. Please remember when these claims dry out after time you can have pieces becoming dangerous, and why we are on the subject of safety greasy back slides are dangerous sometimes and they do not need to dry out, the answer to keeping it safe do not open the drive up to wide that you are working along and this will keep the claim in tacked and strong.

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Underground tools of the trade for prospecting a lightweight pick and it is always best to have a prospecting generator left a few metres away from the entrance to the shaft so that your air does not get contaminated by the generator and you will have power underground, just run a few electric leads down the shaft because good strong powerful lighting is the secret to visually detecting signs and traces of opal. Remember a good ear when you are gouging is very handy indeed, as the gem may be inches inside the clay and the only way to detect this is with a good ear as opal is silica, and sounds like scratching on glass when you scrape it with the peak, listen and take it easy when you hear this noise as you do not want to hit it too hard after you have detected this glassy sound you must work slow to avoid breaking or chipping the opal, but there is only one true way to find this gemstone to buy opal online.