Jewelry Opal Ring Custom Made.

Jewelry Opal Ring Custom Made.

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Jewelry opal ring unique custom design jewelry with Australian opal gemstones only.

Jewelry opal ring best opals best price you will fine any where. Amazing Offer Sale for Customers, simply if you choose one of the opals over $199 we will make free of charge, one handmade design for you free of charge.

Graham’s jewelry opal rings have no Ethiopian or Mexican inferior Third World gemstones in our unique handmade jewelry opal ring,  unique jewelry needs unique gemstones and the country of Australia has the best quality in this particular gemstone. Opals in every color and every body tone white black or crystal.

Our Goldsmith might be old and our graphic web designer did not major in English but our goldsmith is a Master artisan, and this site has the best prices for unique opal jewelry.

About sale jewelry opal ring, customers purchase one gemstones over $191 your entitlement“free handmade jewelry custom ring free of charge”.

With certificate of authenticity outlining handmade jewelry stating 18 karat or 14 karat gold, authenticity outlining qualities solid Australian Lightning Ridge opal gemstone no treatments.

The Australian opal is known around the world amongst all the finest jewelry designers as having the most outstanding quality in every grade, and there is no comparison when it comes to other deposits around the world, the most famous is only found in one area in Australia around the township known by the name of Lightning Ridge. This particular type multi colors or single color double colors with “body tone black N1″Can not be found anywhere in the world, so the rule of thumb when you are purchasing this most outstanding gemstone regardless of commercial grade A grade semiprecious grade, if the lab testing certificate in the United states which is very reliable states black opal, then you will pay 30% extra then inferior opal in the same range from overseas say from the country of Ethiopia. But if the sales person tells you this is a black opal I would ask to see the certificate and carefully read for yourself and if there is no records to the word black then make sure you ask for a big discount before you hand over your hard earned money.

Jewelry opal ring with Australian opal gemstones .

Even very low grade the Australian black with color is stronger than boulder or Mexican Ethiopia and more stronger than low grade crystal, this is why I say unique jewelry designs can help a lot but if you are spending money on gold and good handmade jewelry then you need a good quality gemstone.

Our Australian gemstone investment appreciate quickly and the price goes up, one reason is direct from the mine at wholesale prices another rare“Heritage opals” .

jewelry opal ring,


Graham’s Australian official government national symbol,“famous opal mine guarantee best deposit ever discovered. Submission for Heritage read”,“opal more rarely, specimens contain precious Australian opals” And these are surely among the most beautiful natural objects on earth. The Australian opal is of the highest quality, characterized by red/black gems of superlative brilliance. Graham’s mine listed in the State of N.S.W Capital Sydney Australia. The Australian opal mine also list as an item of environmental heritage in LEP National Trust of Australia Register.


We fully guarantee do not worry you have 30 day return item, policy states the product purchase is not as described on arrival at your address, simply mail the item back to us if you had a genuine complaint, no ? asked money back guarantee.

Saving the customer about $900 on custom design rings jewelry in the USA America.

Handmade rings equivalent price in U S cities around the country, in LA or New York and most other country’s, custom handcrafted rings will have to add about $900 onto final bill price.

Certificate from Mr Black guaranteed 100% Australian opal with no treatment solid gemstone 60 days return policy. 30 days return period covers fine custom jewelry workmanship guaranteed, 30 days return if you had a genuine complaint product purchase is not as described.

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Guarantee solid jewelry opal ring handmade with Australian opals and black opals.

Handmade jewelry opal ring amazing.

Natural Opal Rings.

Jewelry opal ring you have to see to truly know how amazing this jewelry type is, they are quite rare many jewelry shops do not have this item in stock and if you do see one they are often commercial mass-produce jewelry, but if you go downtown and look in a good jewelry shop and fine a special custom handmade jewelry opal ring,then you will know exactly what I mean by amazing jewelry.

You will often see little sparkling clear diamonds in the design for example running down one side of the multicolored Australian gemstone, 0.3 diamonds are a good size to surround the opal with if your budget is starting to go over budget, as this size diamond is not that expensive 0.2 even less but when you get over 0.3 diamonds you start to get into money. Clear dazzling diamonds can make the feature gemstone like rubies and sapphires also stand out as all unique designs will incorporate diamonds. A good commercial grade Australian black multicolor gemstone jewelry opal ring  so amazing can be set by itself in gold.